Regional Forest Directorate Shumen

   Regional Forestry Directorate /RFD/ -Shumen covers the better part of northeast Bulgariaq the regions of Targovishte and Shumen and its forestry area is 182044 ha. 
    Its physical geography is rather diverse. Its topography changes from lowlandsq hills and plateaus in the northern part to mountainous relief in the southernpart, where it reaches the watershed of the Balkan Mountains. The alitude increases from north to southqthe lowest point begin 50 m and the highest - 1046 m above the sea level. Climatically the land belongs to the temperate continental subzone, where the winter the is dry and the summer is hot. The average temperature throughout the year is 12,10°C /the very minimum ever recorded is minus 32,40°C in January and the very maximum is +43,20°C in June/. The average annual rainfall is about 580 mm. 

Working hours:

8:30-12:00 - 12:30-17:00

Corruption and forestry violations are to be reported at

0877 033 112

or online